COUYY,Water-Absorbent,B,Home Kitchen , Bath , Bath Rugs,for,,$30,Shower,/masticate1891194.html,Carpet,,Quick-Drying,Suitable COUYY Water-Absorbent Quick-Drying Shower Carpet for Branded goods B Suitable COUYY,Water-Absorbent,B,Home Kitchen , Bath , Bath Rugs,for,,$30,Shower,/masticate1891194.html,Carpet,,Quick-Drying,Suitable COUYY Water-Absorbent Quick-Drying Shower Carpet for Branded goods B Suitable $30 COUYY Water-Absorbent Quick-Drying Shower Carpet, Suitable for B Home Kitchen Bath Bath Rugs $30 COUYY Water-Absorbent Quick-Drying Shower Carpet, Suitable for B Home Kitchen Bath Bath Rugs

COUYY Water-Absorbent Quick-Drying Shower Carpet for Branded goods B Suitable Max 78% OFF

COUYY Water-Absorbent Quick-Drying Shower Carpet, Suitable for B


COUYY Water-Absorbent Quick-Drying Shower Carpet, Suitable for B


Product description

Size:45×70cm  |  Color:D

Soft, absorbent and warm to the feet, this bathroom carpet can add comfort and style anywhere in the bathroom. Use this absorbent bath mat to keep your feet away from cold, wet and slippery floors in bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc.

Soft, absorbent and warm to the feet, this bathroom carpet can add comfort and style anywhere in the bathroom. Use this absorbent bath mat to keep your feet away from cold, wet and slippery floors in bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc.

✿ Specifications:

Material: Microfiber Bath Rug

Backing: TPR non-slip bottom

Dimension: 15.7×23.6in/40×60cm, 17.7×27.6in/45×70cm, 19.7×31.5in/50×80cm, 23.6×35.4in/60×90cm

Package includes: bathroom mat × 1

Use range: bathroom, bedrooms, entrance, living room, kitchen, bedside, toilets and powder rooms, etc.

✿ Warm Note:

1. For best result, please place the mat on a clean and dry place.

2. For long-term care, please take the mat out to dry often.

3. Machine wash in cold water with mild detergent and tumble dry at a low temperature, or in the open air if possible.

COUYY Water-Absorbent Quick-Drying Shower Carpet, Suitable for B

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Through our game changing workshops, certification program and management consulting we support organizations in driving business results through communications. We are the developers of the Results Map® System, the world’s most comprehensive strategic communications methodology, created through our 20 year experience working with hundreds of communications teams.


Our Unique Approach

Capacity Building

Through our proprietary Results Map® System, we have codified communications.


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We have an established track record of helping leaders achieve breakthrough results through our unique blend of individual and group coaching.

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Caroline Kealey

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Caroline is internationally recognized as a leading communications strategist, change facilitator, trainer and author with over 20 years of experience in her field.

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“As a relatively small organization with limited communications resources, ensuring those resources are used as effectively and efficiently as possible is critical to our performance in serving the people of the Northwest Territories. The Results Map® approach has been instrumental in helping create a shared understanding of and commitment to strategic communications at all levels of the organization, as well as supporting the development of tools and processes to better deliver on the government’s communications priorities grounded in proven communications best practices.”

Shaun Dean, Director of Cabinet Communications

Government of Northwest Territories

“You have created something magical that gives communicators a whole new skill set and approach to the way we work. Results Map® allows us to learn from the best, and use these new frameworks and tools to strengthen our organizations.”

Phoebe Dey, VP Communications & Marketing

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“Results Map® is an ingenious product that directly addresses the challenges faced by public sector communicators. The methodology is rigorous, practical and flexible in supporting teams to deliver measurable results. What makes the approach special is that it takes aim at the common frustrations that communicators deal with day to day -  it provides fresh advice and really empowering tools that help us move from being transactional to being transformational contributors.”

Zoe Raemer, Director, Corporate Communications

Government of Northwest Territories (Retired)

“The Results Map® team’s unique expertise, creativity and profound respect for our organization acting in convergence with our internal knowledge and determination produced this most excellent result.”

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“The best, most practical training I’ve ever had in strategic communications. I love the Results Map® model!”

Pacific Federal Communications Council

“Results Map® has been a very effective tool for helping to standardize what we do.  It has helped us to better identify exactly what our internal clients need from us, so that we can add even more value and execute our communications projects successfully by working together.”

Eduardo Rifenburg Aparicio, Director of Communications

Corona (Bogota, Columbia)

“The Results Map® workshop was a game changer for me… it gave me a chance to take stock of my work and think creatively about the real value I’m contributing. The tools and templates have been invaluable, and I find I use them virtually every week.”

Results Map® workshop participant

“Never has a communications planning tool been as thorough, professional and easy to use as Results Map®. As an accredited communications practitioner with 20 years of experience, I consider myself a seasoned communications expert. However, using Results Map® has given my planning process even greater depth, flow and consistency. I probably won’t ever develop another communications plan without it.”

Natalie Lavigne, Principal of Ecovox

“A transformative resource and strategic mindset for my team. Finally, we’re all on the same page and focused on results!”

Government of Canada client

“The Results Map® process is amazingly practical, insightful and valuable.”

Edouard Biot, Vice-President

Winner – IABC Gold Quill Award

“The Results Map® program has raised my capacity to become a more seasoned communications professional.  The resources and knowledge that the experience has given me is real value that I can bring back to my organization, and that’s something that’s not available anywhere else.”

Asha Jhamandas

Royal College and Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

“Results Map® is a tangible step forward in the world of communications, providing clients with a valuable tool designed to identify the objectives that will have the greatest impact, and put in place the processes to help ensure that they are achieved.”

Canadian Medical Association

“The Results Map® workshop was the best training session I’ve ever attended – material was top notch and the delivery was totally relevant to my experience and my team’s challenges. Amazing!”

Results Map® workshop participant